There are numerous small restaurants and food stands in easy walking distance of Hostal Casa Blanca. Most famous, of course, are the botanas where the purchase of a beverage will bring a feast of local delights – tostadas, ceviche, flautas, pork riblets, tacos, and more.  Three or four botanas along one side of the Centro Jardin and are distinguished only by their different chairs and table cloths.  Vendors and musicians wander among the customers gazing out at the beautiful jardin and enjoying the bustle of the street.  Two other large botanas are when you just begin to enter Comala, one on each side of the road.  The Don Comalon features an often excellent band and across the road is the Campestre Fundador.

The most popular restaurant in Comala and a favorite of Hostal Casa Blanca guests is AdoBe Pizza, just up Degollado towards town and then right at the first corner.  This tastefully designed restaurant and its thin and crispy pizza from their adobe oven has been so popular that two more restaurants have opened in Colima and others are being contemplated.  Salads and dessert crepes are also available.

Other evening dining options are along or near the Centro Jardin opposite the botanas.  Puro Café has good salads, desserts, and coffee, and Comala’s funkiest bar is the Tiko Loco, offering tortas, hot dogs, and big hamburgers with lots of toppings.  Go through the small dining area into the bar in back and check out the old photos and the handmade collages of U.S. and Mexican media stars plus the usual array of old guns, tools, etc.  A little farther on is the Luz de Luna, open all day and serving traditional Mexican fare.  For Comala's best tacos, go on to the next street and go left almost to the end - it's on the right.

For something more than juice and pan dulce for breakfast, try the charming El Fogon.  Built on the side of a steep barranca, a series of stairways lead down to the tables where traditional Mexican dishes are served. It’s on the same street as Comala’s best tacos but just a short ways down the block – look for the sign on the right side of the road.  La Terricita serves typical Mexican dishes for breakfast and lunch.  From the hostal, go up the hill to the first street, turn right and then right again at the next street, following it to the bottom of the hill and look left.  Traditional Mexican breakfasts and lunches are served.  A morning local favorite is the taco stand at the corner of the church. Hugo sears thin slices of marinated beef on a hot griddle, chops them quickly with a cleaver, and heaps a generous portion on hot handmade tortillas from his helper. Various toppings are available but get there early since the topping often run out before the meat does.

A special afternoon treat is the grilled or rotisserie chicken a short walk from the hostal.  Go left at the first street and watch for chicken being cooked.  Included are rice, tortillas, and salsa.  To try something different, they often also have rabbit and quail.  Take some back to the hostal and spread out your feast on the spacious dining room table.  The Hostal’s fully equipped kitchen is also available to guests.