Where We Are

Most international visitors to Comala arrive by automobile or one of the modern and comfortable first class busses from Manzanillo, the Melaque area, Puerto Vallarta, or Chapala/Guadalajara. From the bus station in Colima, Hostal Casa Blanca is a 20 minute taxi ride that gives an interesting first taste of Comala’s bigger neighbor.

If arriving by car, drive six kilometers north of Colima’s twin city Villa de Alvarez on Hwy 175, the tree-lined boulevard to Comala. Cross the small bridge where you will begin on a cobblestone road with a "Welcome to Comala" on the right. The road soon splits into a one-way street going north. Take the first right onto Degallado – the school is on the left. Hostal Casa Blanca is located on the left hand side of the street, #75, before you cross the bridge.

Colima Airport
Colima Bus Station
Manzanillo Airport
Guadalajara Airport